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Moving Images Studies

The graduate minor in Moving Image Studies (MIMS) trains students from a variiety of disciplinary fields in the critical analysis of the moving images in its disparate yet interrelated forms. Drawing from the faculty's extensive research interests and expertise, the curriculum brings together discourses ranging from film theory to media studies, from the philosophy of the image to the history of technology, and beyond.

Admission to the MIMS graduate minor is by request, with the approval of the student's advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies of the Minor. For further infomation on the graduate minor, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Shaden Tageldin.


Studies in Cinema and Media Culture

Studies in Cinema and Media Culture (SCMC) approaches the study of the cinema by emphasizing its location within an intricate social, historical, and cultural matrix of audio-visual forms and practices. As an interdepartmental major SCMC is one of two major-field tracks offered through the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. SCMC provides an interdisciplinary framework within which students can explore the sounds and images of cinema as they have changed from the 19th through the early 21st Century. Print, photography, radio, television, video and digital media are considered crucial to understanding the unique hybridity and expanse of the cinematic medium. Although the major includes a production component, its principal focus is on cultural contexts, history, and theory

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